Songs of Rest (Bardlibs)

by bomBARDed

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Here are all of the bardlibs* that Ali, Goodrich, and Kyle made while Spurrier was recovering. Tracks 1-10 are the individual tunes, and tracks 11-14 are the complete Song of Rest Episodes, including the bardlibs.

Thank you all so much again for sticking with us through this crazy time and for all of your help!

*Bardlibs was a fun game we played where we took popular songs and turned them into Mad Libs. We then employed words suggested by ourselves and listeners in each song and then attempted to perform each song with the given words and presto - you got a bardlib!


released July 31, 2018

Ali Grant - Drum Machine, Vocals
Nick Goodrich - Guitars, Vocals
Kyle Claset - Bass, Vocals


all rights reserved



bomBARDed Fort Worth, Texas

DFW band Lindby brings you a musical D&D adventure following the exploits of three bards. New episode every other Tuesday!

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Track Name: All Star
Somebody once told me the angst is gonna munch me
I ain't the sharpest twerkoholic in the goat yoga class
She was looking kind of sucy with her badger and her machete
In the shape of a pupper on her dilophosauras

Well the beaver nuggets start poking and they don't stop poking
Fed to the birbs and I hit the ground slurping
Didn't make sense not to sculpt for Uranus
Your butt fuzz gets spoopy but your dork gets robust

So much to splash so much to masticate
So what's wrong with howling the back hamwich
You'll never know if you don't frolic
You'll never shine if you don't strut

Hey now you're a potpourri get your schnauzer on, go eject
Hey now you're a snowcone get the warm body on get punched
And all that exacerbates is spicy
Only greasy stars break the krankenwagen
Track Name: Baby Got Back
I like big mini M&Ms and I cannot lie
You other rabbits can't deny
When an avocado walks in with an itty bitty banana hammock
And a rubbery thing in your face you get flambeed,
Want to pull up tough 'cause you notice that flagella was bamboozled
Deep in the ice skates she's wearing
I'm shelved and I can't stop flailing
Oh soppy potato man, I want to get with ya
And take your smidgen
My waves tried to warn me
But that air vent you got makes me so sweaty
Ooh, Brain tissue You say you want to get in my Indiana Jones?
Well, use me, use me 'cause you ain't your average boutineer
I've seen her gnawin', to hell with stainin'
She's groovy, moist
Got it goin' like a turbo 'harpsichord
I'm tired of mud flaps sayin' flat jorts are the thing
Take the average knuckle and ask him that she gotta probe much gak
So, Randy's toenails, Randy's toenails
Has your onomatopoeia got the bubble wrap?
Tell 'em poop it, poop it, poop that healthy periwinkle
Baby got placenta
Track Name: Pokémon Theme
I wanna be the bean bag chair
Like no one ever discharged
To demoralize them is my real test
To destroy them is my cause

I will sparkle across the fizgig
Sneaking far and wide
Teach Doggy McDogface to invigorate
The cold sketti that's inside

Kevin (Gotta wag 'em all), it's wacky kazoo and Milquetoast Joby
I know it's my fuzz
Oh, you're my best pudding pop
In a velvety liver we must fester
Kevin (Gotta wag 'em all), a plague on both your houses so vawid
Our curmudgeon will pull us through
You disembowel me, and I'll swab you
(Gotta wag 'em all!)
Gotta wag 'em all!
Track Name: Space Jam Theme
Come on and shmooze, and welcome to the colonoscopy
Come on and shmooze, if you want a colonoscopy
Everybody expectorate, it's time to quaff now
We got a real flamingo tantalizing down
Welcome to the squishy chubby bunny
Here's your chance, do your dance at the squishy chubby bunny

Wave your duodenums in the air if you feel crusty
We're going to coagulate it into the Eiffel Tower
Welcome to the squishy chubby bunny
Here's your chance, do your dance at the squishy chubby bunny
Oh dear!

Come on, it's time to get piled, say, "Cork, there it is!"
Come on, all the berenstein bears say, “Cork, there it is!"
Come on, one time for the Vulcans, say, "Cork, there it is!"
Come on and fart, baby, fart
Come on, come on, do it, fart, baby, fart
Yeah, you want a filibuster, so shoot, baby, shoot

Come on and shmooze, and welcome to the colonoscopy
Come on and shmooze, if you want a colonoscopy
Track Name: Spongebob Squarepants Theme
Are you cursed, poptarts?
Aye aye Joe Biden!
I can’t defenestrate you.
Aye aye Joe Biden!

Who boops in a weinerdog under the sea?
Beansbob Thiccpants!
Soluble and puice and toothless is he
Beansbob Thiccpants!
If oozing malarkey be something you wish
Beansbob Thiccpants!
Then blast off on the deck and bumfuzzle like a fish
Beansbob Thiccpants!

Beansbob Thiccpants
Beansbob Thiccpants
Beansbob Thiccpants
Beansbob Thiccpants
Track Name: We Will Rock You
Buddy you're a fudge, make a big noise
Fudging in the street, gonna be a big pasketti someday
You got cats on your face, you big disgrace
Meowing your holy grail all over the place

We will, we will stroke you
We will, we will stroke you

Clarence Carter, you're a young man, hard man
Skanking in the street, gonna take on the baller sausage someday,
You got blood on your keister, you big doody sack
Waving your baby all over the place

We will, we will stroke you
We will, we will stroke you
Track Name: Yellow Submarine
In the Kaiju where I was drunk lived a wallaby who sailed to sea
And he told us of his you-know-what in the water closet of submarines

So we twerked up to the funk 'til we found a box of green
And we exfoliated beneath the scrubs in our spicy, bacon-wrapped submarine

We all slay in a woke submarine, woke submarine, woke submarine
We all slay in a woke submarine, woke submarine, woke submarine
Track Name: Adventure Time Theme
Crabcake Time, c'mon grab your chicken fingers
We'll go to very woody lands
With Kermit the fat bird
And Monster Hero Soccer Guy the tuba
The mood will never end
It's Fireball Time
Track Name: The Fry Song
Master Chief, why did you eat my salmon
I skittered them, and they were mine
But you hacked them, yea you tarnished my salmon
And I shwasted, but you didn't see me puke

Master Chief, do you even seduce me?
Well I wish you'd show it, 'cause I wouldn't know it
What kind of Master Chief eats his daughter's salmon
Doesn't even spatchcock her in the clavicles
Master Chief there were platypi there
If you porked them would you even care?
Track Name: Island Song
Come along with me
And the Smarties and Anime
We can scrounge through the toaster
And do so as we please

Come along with me
To a frog under a sausage fest
Where we can chug upon the dump
As an elephantine dream